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This Constitution becomes effective on 20 May 2010 and may be varied at any subsequent AGM.


The Club's name is Cleeve Badminton Club and the club will be affiliated to the Gloucestershire Badminton Association and Badminton England.


The objects of the club are to:-


1. promote and encourage the game of badminton

2. provide a competitive environment in which club players gain enjoyment

3. provide opportunities for club players to participate in Leagues and thereby play against other players

4. enjoy social activities that may be arranged from time to time.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)


The Club will hold an Annual General Meeting in May (or such other month is determined from time to time) of each year. Not less than 14 days notice shall be given, in writing, to each member specifying the date, time and venue for the meeting.


Any member may propose an item for inclusion on the agenda of the AGM. Any such item must be passed to the Secretary not later than 31 March.


The agenda for the meeting will be devised by the Chairman and the Secretary in conjunction with other club members as appropriate and will include

a) a report from each club official including presentation of the accounts

b) a report from each team captain

c) election of club officials and selection committee

d) any amendments to the constitution (to be specified in writing in advance)

e) discussion of any proposed changes to the league rules


The quorum for an AGM will be 25% of the club's members. Any votes require a simple majority of those members present.


Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)


The secretary shall, upon the written request of 25% of club members, call an Extraordinary General Meeting. Any such meetings shall be convened within one month, by notice in writing to each member not less than 14 days before the meeting. The notice convening the EGM shall specify the date, time, venue and business. The quorum for an EGM will be 25% of the club’s members.


Club Officials


At the AGM the members present will appoint a committee consisting of a Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary. No person shall hold more than two offices. The committee shall have full power to deal with all club matters that may arise.


The Chairman may be a member of any club committee in his/her own right or attend meetings of those committees as an ex-officio member with voting rights. Committee votes will be by simple majority.


In the event an officer resigns between AGMs, an EGM will be held to elect a replacement.


Club Members


Membership of the club will be by invitation only. Invitations to join are at the discretion of the selection committee.


Potential members will be invited to attend three club nights and by the conclusion of the 3rd night will be informed if they meet the standard for membership. A club night fee will be payable on these evenings.


Decisions on the suitability of a person joining the club will be made by members of the Selection Committee or other persons as agreed from time to time. The selection committee may also allow a visitor to attend on further occasions if they do not yet meet the standard for membership but are considered to be progressing toward it.




Club members will pay an annual subscription at a level agreed at each AGM. This fee will include any fees required by the Gloucestershire Badminton Association and Badminton England. The annual subscription will be paid in a single instalment or by such other payment plan as agreed with the Treasurer.


The club may provide for lower annual subscriptions for some categories of players. The Treasurer will have discretion regarding the application of this clause.


Annual subscriptions become due on 1 September of each year.


Club members representing the club in matches will pay a match fee as agreed at each AGM.


A club night fee for non-members will be agreed at each AGM.


Persons failing to pay their fees may be barred from continuing as club members until such time as all outstanding fees have been paid.


Selection Committee


A Selection Committee will be established at the AGM from amongst the club members. This Committee will have a membership of at least 2 club members and a maximum of 5.


The Selection Committee will select provisional teams by 10 September each year. A captain will be nominated for each team.


Team Selection


Persons selected for a team will be expected to represent the club in that team for the coming season.


Players for teams other than the lowest have to be nominated in accordance with the rules of the Gloucestershire Badminton League.


Team captains will be responsible for ensuring a team is fielded for each match, liaising with the opposing captain during each match, posting completed scorecards, collecting match fees and passing them as soon as possible to the Treasurer.


Club Night Play


The selection of games on a club night will generally be based on a peg-board system. The rules pertaining to that system will be found on the reverse of the board.




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